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Emba-Quick Selbstklebe-VerschlussEmba-Quick selfadhesive closureEmba-Quick selfadhesive closure

All-in-one: shipping box, protective device and sealing material

  • Packed and ready to ship in 10 seconds
  • No extra shipping carton necessary
  • No additional sealing material necessary
  • One-part system packaging
  • Excellent shipping protection for your products
  • Reduces process costs (procurement, storage, shipping)
  • High-quality printing possible
  • Environmentally friendly, as it can be disposed of along with waste paper
  • Professional look

Application Examples

Emba-Quick® adapts optimally to the most varied product contours like a second skin. New products from your company can often be packed immediately with existing packaging sizes. Also product accessories can be packed securely in accessory compartments or hollow bottom. Whether it’s a manual, cables or remote controls, everything is securely fixed in position.

The technology