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Emba-Snap PlusEmba-Snap PlusEmba-Snap Plus


Meets the highest cleanliness requirements.
For smaller, highly sensitive products.


Shock-proof plastic system.
Product suspended between two films for shipment.
high quality look


Meets the highest cleanliness requirements
Also available as cleanroom version "class 7"

Emba-SNAP Plus®

  • highest protection for the most sensitive products
  • extremely low amount of dust
  • quick filling due to clip technology
  • immediate visual quality control
  • stackable
  • reusable
  • Also available as cleanroom version cleaned
    according to ISO 14644-1 Class 7.

Application Examples

This transparent and shock-proof packaging system meets the highest requirements for dust-free  environments. The fixation between two flexible films not only enables an immediate visual quality control, but also a perfect wraparound protection. This system is perfectly suited for dust-sensitive products, for
example in precision engineering applications, dental technology applications and microelectronics applications.

The method

This system is made of high quality plastic with a crystal clear look. Your product is secured between two
flexible films with high puncturability. The clip lock of the Emba-Snap Plus® allows for quick opening, filling and closing of the plastic boxes.