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The universal film which covers everything. The material is based on PU and clings perfectly to the different product contours. Depending on the product line this film type comes in different standard material thicknesses.


  • highly flexible
  • unprecedented shrink behaviour after stretching
  • material based on PU


For very flat or heavy products with very high surface weight.



  • film with 100 % higher strength compared to NORM Line
  • material based on PU
  • higher tensile force to securely hold your product in position

ECO Line

The better-priced film type for light and flat products. The use of a special stretch film on a cheaper material basis reduces the total price of this packaging even further. This low-priced film has a high retention force with very good stretch properties and shrink behaviour after stretching as well as high
puncturability. Ideally suited for one-way shipping with high throughput volumes.


  • strong film and identical corrugated cardboard of high quality
  • material based on PE

ESD Line

In order to protect your products from short-circuits due to electrostatic discharge we have developed a new film for the most demanding requirements.


  • antistatic film with 108 to 1011Ohm surface resistance and for voltages of up to 50 Volts.
  • for fast elimination of electric current to prevent damage
  • 4-year-warranty for current elimination capability (in case of proper storage)
  • Material based on PU
  • corrugated cardboard with ESD protection (graphite coated) upon request

VCI Line

For corrosion protection of your products. When the packaging is closed a fine anti-corrosive vapour builds up on the VCI stretch film. The vapour then covers the product evenly with an absorption film.


  • special VCI stretch film – developed in cooperation with corrosion protection specialist company EXCOR ® Korrosionsforschung GmbH, Dresden, Germany
  • corrosion protection feature in accordance with standard TL 8135-0043, Level 3
  • reliable protection for various corrosion-sensitive metal products with various contours
  • designed for ferrous metals, chrome, nickel, aluminium alloys with silicon, partly galvanised steel, cast iron of types GGL and GGG
  • effective period of up to 2 years (in case of proper storage)
  • material based on PE