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Sonderverpackung TFT/LCDSpecial packages TFT/LCDOpakowanie na monitory

TFT and LCD monitors

  • high degree of protection for various monitors
  • reduction of packaging diversity by up to 90%
  • quick handling – easy packaging process
  • hollow bottom provides storage space for accessories
  • reduction of process costs
    (procurement, storing, shipment)
  • environment-friendly, can be disposed of with waste paper
  • reusable
  • professional appearance
  • economical due to standard program (no tool costs)


Application examples

With this special packaging based on the Emba-FLEX® retention packaging, you have an all-purpose system for secure and cost effective shipping of your monitors. In addition, devices with different dimensions and weights can be handed quickly and easily especially if many shipments are planned. Your product accessories are stored securely and professionally in the hollow bottom. Also the stand fits securely in the opening provided for this purpose. In addition to our immediate delivery program listed in the table below we also offer existing special packaging as well as new developments according to your individual needs.

The method

Place the monitor on the corrugated board under the retention packaging film. The stand has enough space to fit through the universal opening. Folding down the flaps on the sides stretches the film and
the monitor is clamped onto the corrugated board format. Your device is now held in place and secured against slipping out.

Finally, put up the opposing flaps. Your monitor is safely enwrapped. The stand fits through the opening.
Now place the bottom cushion in the box, then insert the retention packaging. The stand passes through the opening provided in the bottom cushion. All that‘s left to do is close the box!