For flat, lightweight items that weigh up to 3 kg (generally)
and have the same design.


The packaging is completely free from foam and film.
The product is firmly fixed in the box.


Your product is perfectly protected during shipment. This pure, paper-based single-material solution goes a long way in protecting the environment. Your customers will be impressed by your “totally eco” approach.

Emba-Flex® Papyrus – The pure single-material solution

Until now, shipping sensitive products involved a great deal of effort. There were two key pre‘requisites to making sensitive, high-quality products ready for shipment: time and costly packaging material (mostly made of foam or film). Emba-Protec has created an innovative packaging solution that solves both of these problems! You’ll already accomplish a great deal by using our retention packaging. Perfect protection at reasonable costs. We’ve now managed to replace the film with pure, high-grade kraftliner paper. So, as a result, we’re using a new collapsible design. You save both time and money, considerably cutting your process costs while you’re at it. And you’ll be doing your bit to help the environment too. (European patent application Nr. 3892556)

Ökologische Verpackung

The technique

Verpackungsbeispiel 01

Prepare the retention packaging …

Verpackungsbeispiel 02

Insert the product …
Fold down the flaps …

Verpackungsbeispiel 03

And that´s it ready to ship
in the box!

Ökologische Verpackung 04

Effort: minimal
Protection: maximum
Eco: Totally

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