Decentralized packaging
Designed for logistics and contract packaging operations


Machine packaging at the touch of a button
High protection and cushioning function


Consistend high packing speeds
Always the same packing process
Consistent packaging costs
Easy to use machine

Buzz n´ Pack® Packing on command

  • Up to 4 packaging cycles per minute (!)

  • 4 standard sizes covering everything

  • Adjustable between sizes in seconds

  • No programming involved

  • Always consistent packing process, no matter who is packing

  • No fluctuations in consumption

  • Employee training takes 5 minutes

  • Clearly safest product protection due to firm fixation

  • Significantly less packaging waste at the end customer

  • Dust-free shipping

  • Use of recyclate film with up to 65% content possible

  • Immediately ready for use, no thermal energy heavy current or compressed air is necessary

  • Small compact machine that fits everywhere

The method

The tray is adjusted on 4 sizes with a hand lever which is in close proximity. The appropriate tray (S, M , L , XL) is put placed on the machine, the holder fixes the tray automatically. Then the goods to be shipped (several are also possible) are placed on the tray. By pressing a button (buzzer) the packing process is started. Simultaneously the employee can erect the shipping carton or prepare shipping documents. Immediately afterwards, the tray is wrapped and ready to be placed in the shipping carton. With this machine system, everything is child‘s play and perfectly packed. The costs are always the same and included in the tray price. The machine system is provided for you, foil included. You have no fluctuations due to more or less filling material. Goods up to 10 kg are no problem. Due to perfectly designed outer cartons and reinforcements, shipping is fast and safe.

Buzz n´Pack 600er

Buzz n´Pack 400er

01 – Place tray
The tray is placed up to stop. After that the tray locks automatically.

02 – Place product
The goods to be packed are placed on the positioned tray (even more than one product is possible).

03 – Press buzzer
The buzzer starts the packing process. The goods are wrapped tightly with film on the tray. During the packaging process, the user can prepare other activities (e.g. straighten up the box). The buzzer housing is magnetic and can be placed anywhere.

04 – into the box !
Your product is ready for dispatch.

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