Product cushioning and product fixing at the same time
Perfectly adapts to various product contours and heights
Suspended transport
Only one inner component necessary
Also with attached transport box possible


Reduction in the variety of packaging
Replaces expensive cushion systems
Reusable packaging system
Offers high protection against shocks and vibrations


Reduction of labour costs
Reduction of storage costs
A solution for lots of products
Reduce packaging costs

Emba-One® Different Products – One Solution

Thanks to Emba One®, you can be just as varied as your products themselves. This flexible systems is compact and holds your product firmly in position during transit. With this process, Emba One® combines the good properties of product cushioning and product fixing. Emba One® can individually adapt to even the most varied product contours. Due to the „suspended delivery“, there is a very high degree of protection against shocks and vibrations. Thanks to the clever construction, you only need an inner section (standard systems usually require 2-3 parts). The packaging time is considerably reduced. In the process, flat and also greater product dimensions can be sent in the same packaging.

Fixierverpackung Emba-One

The technique

The best from 2 systems combined ! No time-consuming folding as in previous systems is required here. Your product is quickly and simply packaged so that it is ready for sending. Reduce your storage volumes as far fewer packaging sizes are needed. Emba One® means that you can benefit from an environmentally friendly and reusable packaging system and automatically make a contribution to the environment. The carbon footprint is considerably less than in the case of standard packaging (e.g. foam). The packaging can be fed unseparated into the waste paper cycle.

01 Insert product between the films…

02 firmly …

03 fixed …

04 fold up sides …

05 cover folded …

06 close shipping box !

Product video

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Fixierverpackung in Weiß
Fixierverpackung Weiß Emba One