Emba-Protec – Your product needs protection

As a supplier of protective packaging we concentrate our activities on delivering your good safely.

That is why we can offer a big experience and the latest innovations to you. To protect your products is our main target but we also consider the whole picture of it.

Therefore, you get always a solution which includes there processes like packing time, logistics, purchasing and warehousing. Transport issues and high-value look
of the packaging solution complete the picture. On this base we choose the right product for you.

Production & Logistics

As a partner of the industry, we supply highly innovative protective packaging specially designed for your sensitive products. With state-of-the-art machines, a streamlined management and in particular qualified contacts, new and proven innovations are implemented rapidly for your success.

The logical consequence of the increasing speed of developments in technology and economy is the shortening development and lifespan of your products, while the range on offer increases constantly. Additionally, packaging must always adapt flexibly to changing processes in product logistics. With our protective packaging systems, we are optimally prepared for this trend.

With almost 10,000 square metres of storage space, we can guarantee a “just-in-time” delivery. If you sign a general agreement with us, we can produce large stock volumes. This ensures lower prices for you, and you can take delivery of smaller volumes. We deliver immediately from our warehouse, and you pay no transport costs. Constant adaptation to your products and your requirements – that’s what we call dynamic.

Development & Quality

When you decide which is the right system for you, we offer you intensive assistance. Special developments are implemented by our team using the latest CAD systems. We take account not only of all possible storage and transport conditions of your product, but also the entire work process of your company.

On request, drop tests can be prepared to UPS Standard (DIN ISO 2248) or G-value tests. We can also offer you material analysis to check the quality of your corrugated cardboard packaging. We also guarantee constant high quality in our own production.