Emba-Protec drop tests

Our drop tests ensure that your products are not damaged by impact during shipping. Drop testing can also help identify areas of design weakness while demonstrating the performance of compliant packaging. We can help you prevent damage to your products and packaging by drop testing to your requirements.

Our measurement method

The packaging has the important function of balancing the difference between bearable stress for the product (product sensitivity) and the various stresses that occur during transport. The so-called “G-value” is used as a measure of the load (mechanical impact force). This is a multiple of the simple acceleration due to gravity. We subject certain packaging to a drop test as part of our quality management. This involves dropping the packaging from a defined height onto a defined impact surface. Upon request, drop tests according to UPS standard (DIN ISO 2248) or G-value tests can be carried out. In addition, we offer material analyses to check the quality of your corrugated board. In this way, we can also guarantee the consistent quality of our own ongoing production.

Your added value

All producers should have drop tests conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of shipping techniques. Producers who do not perform drop tests are at latent risk of delivering damaged goods or packaging to their destination. The consequence is often costly warranty claims from your customers and lost sales and profits. Unfortunately, a loss of confidence on the part of your customers cannot be dismissed if damaged goods are delivered.

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