Environmental Management

Issues of sustainability and environmental protection are very important to us and therefore certification to DIN EN ISO 14001 is the logical consequence. We are doing our part to create an environment worth living in with our sustainable products and their cutting edge manufacturing techniques.

The environmental policy is an integral part of our corporate policy, hence addressing the whole staff at Emba-Protec. In so doing, the environmental management system is pursuing the aim of controlling and optimising all activities which affect aspects of business and social environmental policy.

We work strictly according to DIN EN ISO 14001

The environmental management system practised by Emba-Protec is based on the requirements of DIN EN ISO 14001. Accordingly, all actions within the company are to be oriented towards these currently operative laws and regulations.

Everyone helps!

Yearly checks of different code numbers, and quantities consumed in relation to the whole workforce are functions which lie within the responsibility of the heads of administration, and serve as a means to save raw materials, optimise energy consumption, or reduce the amounts of waste. Basically, all employees are obliged to implement the legal requirements and  the environmental management system’s guidelines, too, as well as adhering to the latter.

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