Fragile goods of up to 35.0 kg.


The product is suspended between two cushions during the transport. Reusable packaging system.


Highest protection level against shock and vibration.
Storage space reduction as the packaging can
quickly be set upright.

Emba-Swing® – The suspension packaging

  • high-level protection for fragile products against shock and vibration

  • products are transported as if they were “floating on air”

  • quick handling

  • storage space reduction compared with foam solutions

  • reduction of process costs (procurement, storing, shipment)

  • reusable

  • environment-friendly, can be disposed of with waste paper

  • professional appearance

  • economical due to standard program (no tool costs)

The technique

The highly flexible but practically tear-free stretch film clings perfectly to the different product contours. Clamping between two suspension cushions means that the product will be stored as if it was “floating on air” during the transport. Even if the box is dropped on its side walls the product will remain in position.

03Insert cushion …

 02 then your product …

 032nd cushion on top …

05push down the lid, ready !

Product video


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Application examples

Emba-Swing® adapts optimally to the most varied product contours like a second skin. New products from your company can often be packed immediately with existing packaging sizes. Also products of different sizes fit into the same-sized packaging solution. Also product accessories can be packed securely in accessory compartments. Whether it’s a manual, cables or remote controls, everything is securely fixed in position. In addition to our immediate delivery program listed in the table below we also offer existing special packaging as well as new developments according to your individual needs.